Ink and Prismacolor

Hi, my name is Antonio and I am a 21 year old art student trying to forge my own path.
this is what influences and inspires me. None of the images here are mine unless
i say otherwise

James Dean photographed by Sanford Roth, 1955.

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Rest in Peace, James Byron Dean | February 8th, 1931-September 30, 1955

58 years you’ve been gone now. You’d think with each passing year that the loss of you would eventually grow to be less painful, but it never changes. It’s still hard to even fathom the fact that you are gone, and you are never coming back. There is nothing worse than that. Nothing. And even with each passing year it’s even more difficult to put words together that really in the end mean ‘I miss you’. I never knew you, but I feel that from being a fan of yours for such a long time, after visiting your home town each year, that you have almost become something of a friend, someone who I relate to on multiple levels. It’s this unexplainable height of emotion and dignity that you have given me, and given to your other heart-felt fans, friends and obviously family. I want to remind you that what you’ve done, during the short time you were with us, is something that has brought together a sort of enema, or stigma of people, who gather together each year, who love each other and see each other as life long friends – almost like family. You brought us together. I say it all the time but it’s truly amazing how just one person, you, brought so many people together. I bet you never thought something like that would happen, huh? You are always in my heart Jimmy, and you are very much alive, just in a different way. We miss you. 

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“I’m playing the damn bongos and the world can go to hell.” ― James Dean

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