This is Me

Lets go back in time to circa.  April, 1991. Comedy Central is Launched, Iraq admits to using Chemical warfare, The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above 3,000 for the first time EVER. The Republic of Georgia separates from the Soviet Union, but at 9:01PM on the last day, an Aries was born, me.

Hi, My Name is Antonio and I’m 21 years old now and Living in Minneapolis, MN, what I would like to call the BEST STATE EVER. Honestly you have all the seasons, 14,000 lakes, the Most bike friendliest city (we beat out Portland), The Mississippi River is everywhere you go, and our Music and Art scenes are quite impressive and extensive. The size of my cities are just perfect. There is diversity and change always happening.

I find myself at the forefront of this diversity, why you ask? Well I am a first Generation American, that means my parents immigrated here and here is where I was born. This means I have Dual Citizenship to both the United States and Mexico. Its really cool too, I get two passports and I could vote for two presidents and own land in two different countries. Being a Mexican-American is not just everything about me, I am also Bisexual, I have a few crushes that are either sexes, but also its not what defines me either, what I would say defines me is art and design.

I currently attend the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul and Minneapolis Community & Technical College. I love art school and My major as of now is Graphic Design, but I am currently considering illustration as well.

A few facts about me, I am loud, impulsive, obnoxious, care-free, crude, honest, direct, but at times a bit pretentious, pompous, and judgmental. I mean, If you were you feelings on your sleeves or get offended easily by criticism then we are destined to bump heads but never fear, I always work it out in the end. If I am in a dispute with someone, I HAVE to have the last word. I love cats I have two Korats named Milo (mine) and Moby (dad’s) who was named after the musician. My favorite foods are Lasagna, Hamburgers, Street Tacos, Street Mexican Food, Cheez-it, Sprite, and SPINACH! I hate peanut butter and prefer Nutella. I dislike the texture of canned Mandarin Oranges, Avocados, cooked vegetables, and the smell, taste, texture and look of pickles.

My favorite art periods and movements are Art Deco, Futurism, De Stijl, Dadaism, and Post Modernism. My Favorite Artist is Tamara de Lempicka, she was the most famous Art Deco painter, I also admire the work of industrial designer Henry Dryfuss, because well he designed the most beautiful streamlined trains (Art Deco).

I also love trains, mainly steam locomotives since its like they are actually alive when your are next to mine.

but the most important piece of information that I could give would be my love for The Sounds, Arcade Fire, M83, Tegan and Sara, Fleet Foxes, Ratatat, Metric, Crystal Castles and My Chemical Romance, they all have songs that really touched me and shaped me for who I am today.

Well that is me, this is my blog, or what my Orientation to Art & Design teacher would call it, my “VISUAL JOURNAL.” And that is basically what it is a visual representation of what inspires and influences me. enjoy.

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